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What is Moba

Moba is a relatively new ganre in video games. It measn Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The first ever moba game (in the way we see them before) was actually not even a game on its own. It was a custom map, created for Blizard's Warcraft 3 by a fan. The name of the map is Defence of the Ancient, and the guy who made it famous is known by the name of IceFrog.


In each match the players join a team and then have to pick an avatar, reffered to as "a hero", from a hero pool. Once every player has chosen a hero, the teams are situated on a large map. Their goal is to destroy the enemy base structure by fighting the enemy creeps, defensive structures and the enemy players. (The creeps - a.k.a. mobs - are computer-controlled units who follow specific patterns in their behaviour.) Once one of the base structures is destroied, the match is over.


The heroes are the player-controlled units. They have a certain set of abilities/spells and a limited number of item slots. Through the game they gain experiens and gold - with the experience they level up and upgrade their abilities; with the gold they can buy items to improve their stats and use their special powers.